Payment Apps

Recurring Billing & Subscription

Our recurring billing and subscription app houses many capabilities. The app is built to suit all the recurring billing and subscriptions scenarios most vendors will require. Whether you're running a Vitamin store looking for auto-ship or a seafood supermarket looking to add a mystery box of the month to your store, we have you covered!


  • check Setup Custom Intervals
  • check Skip Scheduled Payment
  • check Change/Edit Subscription
  • check Mixed Cart Checkout


  • check Auto-ship/Fullfilment
  • check T-Shirt/Box of the Month
  • check Subscriptions
  • check Memberships

Pre & Back Orders

Our Pre-order and Backorder app lives in one app. With this app, you will can setup Pre-Orders, Back-Orders and have Customer Cards on File, all for one price. The app covers off the necessities of anyone looking for these functions.


  • check Process Pre-Orders in 1 Click
  • check See Amount of Orders Waiting
  • check Cancel Order
  • check Update Payment Info


  • check Pre-Orders
  • check Back-Orders
  • check Subscriptions
  • check ERP/OMS Integration
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Card on File / Card Vaulting / Stored Credit Cards

Our card on file app allows your customers to store multiple cards on account so that they can checkout even faster. The vaulting services gives your customers an opportunity to manage their cards on file and select their preferred card on checkout.

What Cards are Supported?

Card support is by your Merchant. As far as Merchants, we support Paypal Payments Pro,, Braintree, eWay, Cybersource and Stripe. More to come.

Can I have multiple Merchants operating at once?

Not currently. We are working on a release to allow multiple merchants to be used within the checkout.

Can my customers manage their vaulted cards?

Yes, under the BigCommerce account, the user can manage the card that they have on file.

Is it optional for my customer to use the vaulting service.

You can make it optional by using 2 merchant services and setting up one with our vault and the other with a traditional credit card or alternate payment method. When using 1 merchant service in checkout, the vault will store cards every time.

What features do I have as an admin of the vault?

You may cancel/void a payment, refund a customer full or partially and you can manage customers cards that are in the vault.

Can payments be split across cards on file?

Not currently. We are working on a release to allow split payments.